Snake Pest Control in the Phoenix Valley


It is rare to encounter a snake problem in the City, It is more common in the rural areas. Snake problem being there is many snakes.

Snakes are shy creatures, if you see one, it is likely that they will simply be passing-by as quickly as possible. They tend to avoid contact with people so will steer clear of you and your pets except when sleeping,shedding or suddenly stepped on.

They can be dangerous to just ignore hoping the will keep going. The problem is,they can crawl in to a bush later and strike you or your pet as they walk by. They have also been known to curl up on a door step to get heat from the crack under the door and also crawl up inside car motors.

Native Arizona snakes, including Rattle Snakes and Bull or Gopher Snakes, are protected under the Arizona Fish and Game, and also It is illegal to kill, injure or sell them.

There are many other reptiles and animals native to Arizona that are illegal to kill or harass. Including the federally protected Gila Monster. We urge you to call us at Select Pest Control to deal with these animals in a safe manner that will not end with injury to you or the animal.

Problems will need to be dealt with using very specific skills. If you have concerns regarding a snake issue, Please call us right away.

There are two main snake species that you will encounter In Arizona:

  • Rattle Snakes (common viper or Pit Viper)
    • All Pit Vipers are highly venomous
    • All Pit Vipers have a triangle shape head and verticle pupils
  • All others – Several types
    • May be venemous or harmless
    • Many other head shapes

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