Bird Proofing in the Phoenix Area


Love them or hate them, birds are an essential part of our natural environment. They maintain a balance, control insects and other pests, perform vital roles in the germination of many plants, and fill the countryside with their joyous songs. But sometimes a need arises for bird pest control.

When they enter the environment of man, especially in our cities, birds can be serious pests. Not only do they foul our buildings and monuments with their droppings, birds can also spread many serious diseases.

At Select Pest Control, we adapt our approach to fit your real needs.

It is very rare for any feral bird problem to have a single solution. In most cases it requires the expert application of several complementary techniques to bring the problem under control. Using our enormous experience and individual analysis, we offer the most environmentally responsible and effective combination of bird control measures. These may include, amongst other control and management measures, the clearance of roof voids and the application of external deterrents.

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